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I stopped a moment. We were actually doing this. Truly and seriously.

And I had no regrets whatsoever.

It'd been about a week since we'd arrived here, so we'd had quite a bit of time to attempt
to make our conversations and actions amongst each other far less awkward, but we'd failed
miserably. So there we were, best friends, sitting on the front porch steps of his parent's house,
as awkward and quiet, as we'd been for a while. Silence. Complete and utter silence.

I couldn't remember when exactly Taylor and I'd started planning this, but I'm pretty sure
it began as a joke. I mean, I'm not even sure quite how often I stated that I was going to make
this ship canon- pretty often, I'm sure. I never actually thought we'd end up in front of his
parent's house, just sitting and waiting for him to come over for a visit so we could go ahead,
grab him, and run. My ships are important to me and all, but I was never thinking I'd be
kidnapping someone over them. But hey, since we were here, why not? We'd already flown
all the way out here, tracked down the locations of three people, and illegally drove, so I
guess I figured I had nothing to lose.

I'd always imagined meeting Lydia, Maddie, Taylor, Lucy, and Danica in real life, and I'd been
fairly sure it wouldn't be half as awkward as it was. I was actually assuming we'd be sort of
insane and all, considering how we normally talked, but I suppose that losing the ability to
stress over typos and keyboard slam increased probability of silence by quite a bit. There
weren't keyboards of vocals. And I guess the fact that only four out of the six of us thought
that Adam and Katherine would be the most perfect couple in the history (Lucy liked Nepeta
and Karkat best, but she shipped them nonetheless, as they are) of ever assisted in
the fact that it was so quiet, and therefore was the reason I was picking lint balls off of my
salmon sweater and pretending like I was ever so interested in the pattern of it.

Maddie nudged me lightly. "Isn't that him? On the sidewalk across the street?" She pointed
across the frost-covered pathway of the small town. "The guy in the black trench coat."

I took a moment to contain my excitement. The guy who'd saved my life was standing there
across the street, in his signature jacket, with his perfect hair and perfect voice and pure
awesome aura. I couldn't believe I'd been so focused on my stupid sweater to notice my idol
was standing across the road, talking to who I supposed was one of his neighbors.

I glanced at Danica and Taylor, who were just about flipping in their seats. Clamping my hand
over Lydia's mouth to make sure she didn't start screaming at him about how everything
about him is awful, I gripped the rope I'd been holding onto for the past while we'd been here,
just in the case we'd run into him. I never really thought I'd use it.

I tossed it lightly to Lucy. "I can't tie him up! He's my idol, if I touch his hand I'll freaking die
of glory."

She threw it back at my face. "I'm not doing it either! Make someone else do it, I'm not tying
anyone up, I just came because you said we could go to AJ's after we get home so you could
try Faygo!" I couldn't believe nobody had heard us yet, or his parents hadn't noticed we were
sitting on their front porch, waiting for their precious only son to come up for us to kidnap him.

Maddie sighed, grabbing the rope from my hands. "I'll do it. I have some ideas anyway."

Lydia raised her hand willingly just to have Danica slap it down. "You're not touching him
for the life of me."

Grasping Taylor's wrist, Maddie got up and stormed across the pavement with the rope,
Adam's friend walking away at the sight of what he must've guessed were two female fans
who'd come all the way here just to talk to him personally. As admirable as it sounds, I was
willing to admit that we clearly were not here for that reason, but to take him away and make
my ships canon.

Within five minutes, we were piled into the car we'd 'found' when we met up. It was just sitting
in the carpool lane outside the Owatonna airport, running with nobody there, so we figured
we'd take the poor little Impala out for a ride around the northeastern part of the country. I
wasn't quite sure how, but Maddie and Taylor had managed to grab him and shove him into
the car after somehow getting him tied up. I mean, it was reasonable why they didn't get
caught, it wasn't like he could call for help with his voice messed and all. But here we were,
using my mother's GPS to lead us from Adam's little town to his future wife's little town- it was
amazing we'd even made it this far. I was shocked that Lydia could actually drive with five
girls and an Adam Young squished into the other seats, all talking and asking what was even
going on- and even if this entire situation was completely serious.

It was sort of cute how he had no idea what was happening. From my perspective, at least.

I glanced back at Maddie from the front seat, where I'd demanded to sit so I could be the
first to think up a ridiculous story as to why a 14 year old girl was driving without even a
permit and why there were so many people in here if someone happened to come up and ask
(this someone obviously being a cop, I'm obviously going to get in a ton of trouble anyway
from my parents with or without a call from a Minnesota prision. My parents were most likely
freaking out that I'd just run off one night anyway, but they'd be fuming when I came back.)

"How did you and Taylor even get him tied up like this anyway?" I asked, hovering my hand
over the ropes, in fear that touching his hands would make me explode in a fangirly type of

Maddie laughed, speaking in a jokingly sort of manner, "We asked nicely if we could tie him
up and kidnap him, obviously."

Taylor hit her shoulder, reaching across Adam's neck. "I told him it was a magic trick.
Obviously it worked, he's sitting here in the car now." She giggled lightly, quite simply
showing that she'd gotten rather used to having Adam Young in her presence, since he had
been sitting with her practically on his lap the entire two and a half hours we'd been driving.
"I'm dying, by the way. Adrienne, this is by far the best idea we've ever had. Besides the
whole 'I am yours' thing. That was pretty cute too."

This whole time, Adam'd been sitting there in the car awkwardly, smushed between four girls
fangirling over three different things. If I were him, I'd be plotting ways to murder each and
every one of us in escape, but he was obviously not doing so, sitting there, his eyes darting
back and forth between each girl. If anything, he was thinking about lawyers and lawsuits.
I was certainly hoping he'd start talking- it'd be cool to talk to my dream brother.

Maddie stroked the seat sensually, probably excited about the fact that we were in an Impala,
considering how she'd acted when she saw the thing sitting outside the airport. We'd had
two choices- a minivan and this, and she'd chosen this despite the fact that there were seven
of us and there were five seats. Lucy sat in the rightmost backseat, on her iPod, probably
reading Homestuck updates. She had been drowning herself in Blue Raspberry Faygo ever
since we'd met up and left for Owatonna. I wasn't sure how she'd gotten it past security, but
she did, and it was all she'd put in her suitcase too. I'd opened it up a couple of days ago,
expecting maybe a change of clothes and a blanket or something, but no, there were about
thirty of the 24 pint bottles. She refused to let anyone touch them, despite her consistent
nagging of us trying it. And as Danica, Taylor and I were talking of frivolous things,
constantly checking to see if Adam's expressions had changed or he'd speak at least once,
in the quietest tone, Lydia had her earbuds in, drowning our fangirling out in Skrillex and
Deadmau5. I was fairly sure she was silently hating on Adam in her head, since she wasn't
doing it out loud.

"How much longer until we get to Pennsylvania?" Taylor sipped a juice box, which we'd
loaded up on as soon as we'd gotten to Owatonna, along with bananas, salt, pickles, and
chocolate. I'd hidden a bottle of ketchup as well, so she wouldn't get mad when we locked her
in a room with Adam. "We've been driving for what, two hours now? Three?'

Danica looked over my seat at the GPS. "It says another few hours. Tiring as it is, we've
already made it this far, so we can't stop now, Adam might get out." she looked to him with a
fangirl-ish expression. "We love you, but we can't really let you get away."

No response from him. Not even a shrug. Maybe he was mad that we kidnapped him.
He probably didn't know we were only doing it to set him up with the love of his life.

Another few hours. I leaned forward, not sure how much longer we'd be able to go without
getting caught by the cops. Someone was going to have to catch us soon enough, and I
didn't think we'd last a 'few hours'.

Maddie glanced to Adam. "Are you going to speak? Maybe tell us off?" she sprinkled a
pinch of salt on his head, and he made the first action I'd seen him do all of this trip- he
brushed it off, shaking his head with the action.

She dumped another pinch on him. "Don't brush it off like that! I'm warding off demons. I'm
doing you a favor."

He lifted his tied hands to his face as if he had a headache.

"Seriously, at least be a little social." Maddie laughed nervously. "I mean, we're at least
taking you to the love of your life." She threw her hand back in a sort of odd manner, hitting
Lucy's iPod out of her hand. She looked up from her Faygo to glance at Maddie, as if to
warn her to not do it again, then going back to drowning her sorrows in her blue raspberry

He looked to Maddie as if she were crazy, then going to pick extra threads from his jeans.
The most action we'd gotten from him so far anyway.

"Pleeease talk?"

Danica took his shoulder and shook it with some sort of anger. "Let us hear your beautiful
voice, come on!" she made a little puppy-dog face, trying to get something out of him other
than picking and blank stares.

Adam turned to Danica quietly, shrugging. "What is there to say?"

I took a moment to die and come back to life.

"Well, you could ask what we're going with you. I can assure you we're not doing anything
illegal with you- with the exception of the kidnapping, of course," I spoke, stuttering and
muttering my words, as usual, in hopes he'd understand anyway. I turned back to my juice box
as soon as I could, thinking I'd ruined any chances of him being my brother.

Danica handed me her backpack as she continued her weak 'convesation' with Adam. "Yeah,
we can talk about that!" her face had grown paler since we'd actually gotten him into the car,
but her smile made up for it.

"Do you want to tell me that?" his voice was quiet, and Lydia had gone on discontenting
the events around the Impala.

"Sure, why not." Maddie shrugged. "We've been planning this for a little while, and we
weren't really going to do it until we found out Adrienne had actually looked at flights and
all, so we figured why not. The prices were awesome, by the way." She tossed some salt
across the backseat, some landing in Lucy's Faygo.

She turned to Maddie, stuck out her tounge, and pulled out a new bottle and continued
drinking. "Salt is disgusting in this stuff. You don't do it." Lucy narrowed her eyes and went
back to reading updates and reblogging random things that people appeared to enjoy.

  I nodded and grinned lightly. "250 each, round trip." I continued to pick at my sweater. This
was going to sound extremely stupid. "But like Maddie said," I pointed at her for clarification
of identity, "We're not going to do anything bad or illegal with you- with the exception of the
kidnapping of course, we're just going to introduce you to one of our friends. She's awesome,
you're gonna love her." Not to mention my intentions are for you two to fall in love and get
married. I turned back around and smashed my head into the dash. Wow Adrienne. Way to
put the situation.

 He looked back and forth between the six teenage girls he was seated inbetween, and had
been for the past three hours. Laying eyes on Taylor, he tapped his fingers on his jeans.
"Are you serious?" he turned to me. "You kidnapped me because of that? That's it?"

 His legs hardly fit in the space between his seat and the back of Lydia's. I guess that's what
happens what you're 6'2 and smashed into a car made to seat five people with seven. I was
fairly sure he was using his perfect eyes on his perfect face to make a perfectly good 'are
you insane or something' look at me. I didn't know if I appreciated that quite yet.

 Taylor smiled and nodded, then replied yes.

 I looked back at Adam and felt worse than I had before about this whole situation. I mean,
he was supposed to be sitting at home, having a nice break, spending time with his parents
and recovering from losing his voice. It was incredibly raspy, and extremely quiet- which was
far from the usual. Though yes, his voice was normally quiet, the raspy part wasn't very
good at all. We'd taken him from his vacation. Weren't we just the best people in the world
at them moment?

 I looked at the clock, my phone too close to being dead to risk checking it on there. It'd been
about three hours since we'd hit the border of Minnesota, an hour and a half since Iowa, and
at this point we were halfway through Illinois. I was shocked we hadn't given up and turned
around yet- of course, the fact that we'd already stolen a car and kidnapped a singer, but
still, we could still decide that this is really far too risky and ditch the Impala. I'm sure Maddie
wouldn't be too happy about us doing that, since she was so obsessed with the Impala in
the first place. We still had two states left to pass through- I guessed that was time enough
to give up if we had to.

 I glanced at Lucy, who had continuously been drinking her Faygo, her freckled cheeks
had grown dull and her eyes were as glazed over as possible. It was obvious that the 'insane
sugar rush giving' quality of her drink had stopped working its magic. She looked up and
met eyes with me, capping her Faygo and putting down her iPod.

 "Nan, I'm hungry," she complained, tugging at the drawstrings on her John sweatshirt, her
hood up. "Can we stop at a McDonald's or something? We've gone days with nothing but
bananas, juice boxes, Faygo, and chocolate." Lucy rubbed her eyes, yawning. "Besides, I
need something to wake me up a little. The Faygo stopped working."

 I shook my head. "We can't! Our driver's a fourteen year old girl, and we kidnapped a 26
year old man! Are you crazy?"

 She groaned. "But Nan, I'm really, really hungry. Please?"

 I sighed, then going to pull one of Lydia's earbuds out. "Lydia, Lucy wants to stop at a
McDonald's or something. She has a point, it's true, we haven't had anything to eat lately
except what we got back in Owatonna." I looked back at Lucy. "And we got pickles too, you

 Lucy nodded. "The sign said there's one at the next exit. We can stop there. And no, Lydia
ate them all already. Didn't share them. Remember?"

 Maddie laughed. "We have lots of salt! But let's save that to ward off the demons. Let's
not eat it." she paused. "But still, Lydia's the only driver we have. The people working the
drive-thru are going to notice."

 Taylor and I both turned to Adam at the same time. "You're 26, right?"

 He nodded. "27 this July. Why?" he stopped a moment, lifting his tied wrists to his face to
adjust his glasses. "Wait- do you want me to get you guys lunch? After you kidnapped me?"

 I shrugged. "Please? I say it'll benefit you in the end, and besides, you can get lunch too!
And we'll untie you! Just as long as you don't run away. That'd be bad, but then again,
there's nowhere for you to go if you run, considering we've driven through three states." I
facepalmmed. I seriously just told Adam Young, my idol and dream-sibling, that we wanted
him to buy us lunch after kidnapping him. There was something so very wrong with me.

 Adam glanced at Lucy, then at the others.

 Maddie shrugged. "I'll pay. Just drive so we don't get caught kidnapping you. You'll get
lunch out of it. Worthy offer?"

 I glanced at Lydia, who was murmurring to herself, probably about how insane this whole
thing was and how she'd gone so long in a car with Adam Young without at least yelling at
him about how every single thing about him is awful. And quite personally, I was surprised
at that as well.

 Adam shrugged. "Alright, fine, why not?" he looked to Lydia. "You want to switch seats for
a while?"

 Lydia glared at the road for a splitsecond, then pulled over. Hitting the hazard lights, she
turned around and looked at him, then at me.

 "I can't believe I'm actually doing this," she hissed at me, unbuckling and getting out.

 Taylor and Danica untied the knot she'd done just hours before, tossing the rope behind
Taylor's shoulder. "Can you climb through the space between the seats? We don't need
people to see Lydia get out and then you get into the seat. They might get suspicious."
Taylor glanced out the window at the passing cars. "Big fan, by the way. You're my idol."

 He grinned at her, pushing his glasses back up his nose. "Thank you."

 Lydia knocked on the backseat window. "Hurry, please. It's cold out here." she squealed.
"Hurry, hurry, hurry- Naaan, there's a bug out here!" she jumped around a bit, waiting for
Adam to climb over to the driver's seat.

 Within the next five minutes, Adam had managed to squeeze through the space between the
seats and had taken the exit. He glanced back at Taylor, Danica, Lydia, and Lucy. "What do
you guys want me to ask for when we get there?" he turned back and shifted uncomfortably
in his seat. "We're almost there by the way." he put on the turn signal as he drove.

 Lucy piped in immediately, almost squeaking what she wanted. Obviously this entire
situation she'd gotten stuck in was still conquered in her head by Faygo and real food.
The others awkwardly followed in selecting what they'd like, so everything went rather
smoothly until we pulled up to the first window.

 "That'd be $27.94, sir." the woman at the drive-thru window paused a moment as she
watched the commotion in the Impala occur.

 He turned back to Maddie. "You have that much?"

 She dug through her wallet, looking up and shaking her head. "I only have twenty. Can you
put in $7.94? I'll handle most of the cost, anyway." Maddie looked up at him. "You do have
your wallet on you, right? You were bringing it with you when you were walking, correct?"

 Adam's expression dropped. "I didn't bring my wallet, I thought I was only going to my
parent's! I normally don't have to worry about money there, so I didn't bother bringing it."

 Maddie paused, then straightening immediately afterward. "I've got it covered! Close your
eyes, I've got this." she nodded excitedly, leaning over the space between the seats, looking
to the woman at the window. "Demons begone!" she screamed, reaching into her bag of
salt and throwing it at her.

 As the woman reacted, I looked at Maddie as if she were insane. "What was that?!"

 Maddie disconteted what I said. "DRIVE! DO IT NOW!"

 So we pulled up to the second window, got our food, and sped away.

 I continued staring at Maddie until she finished her soda, then resating my question, which
had gone unanswered the first time around. "Maddie, seriously, first we steal a car, then
we kidnap someone, and now we've thrown salt in the faces of innocent fast food chain
workers. Do you maybe think we should've just skipped on the food instead of breaking the
law again?" I leaned back, rubbing my forehead. "I'm starting to wonder if this whole thing's
going to pay off in the end. I mean, how many laws have we broken? Maybe twenty by now?"

 Maddie rolled her eyes with a childish glow, holding her bag of salt close to her. "I was
doing the woman a favor. Maybe there were demons behind her or something, what do you
think of that? We wouldn't want the demons to overtake the 'poor innocent' woman, now do

 Lucy took a look at the street signs. "Almost out of Ohio." she looked at me, brushing salt
off of her hoodie. Giving a slight grin, she kicked her feet on the floor of the Impala. "How
much longer until we get there?" she leaned down to get a bottle of Faygo from her suitcase,
and I for one was shocked that she still had any left. She'd been downing them ever since we'd
gotten into the car back in Owatonna, and at the rate she was drinking them, she probably
should've finished all thirty back in Illinois.

 From that point until we got into Pennsylvania, I was assuming things would go just fine.
With the exception of the McDonald's drive-thru catastrophe, things were going just as
planned, as smoothly and well as we'd hoped it would. But as I was guessing would happen
before, our luck was going to run out at some point, and right there, at the Ohio-Pennsylvania
border, it did just that.

 Lydia kicked my seat, then poked my shoulder. "Naan..."

 I sighed, grabbing hold of her finger and looking to her in the rear-view mirror. Making eye
contact through that, I replied to her. "Is there a bug back there or something? Because I'm
thinking I won't really be able to help you. I really don't have magical powers."

 She facepalmmed, shaking her head. "No!" she glanced behind us in a hurried manner.
"Would you tell Adam to pick up the pace? I think we're having a slight problem."

 I glanced back, over my seat- now I was a tad concerned.

 Lydia pointed at something in the distance, looking back at me afterwards. "Tell me I'm the
only person who sees those light-flashy-things going on back there." she looked back at me,
now having Danica and Taylor's attention as well. "I am the only one seeing it, right? Lie to
me and say it's not really there."

 I think I just about flipped in my seat. "I'd love to do that, but to tell you the truth, I don't
think that's just a hallucination, Lydia." I squinted, sitting back in my seat and pulling my
glasses out of my backpack. Putting them on, I looked closer at the lights Lydia'd pointed out.

 Taylor took a deep breath. "Tell me there's not actually a cop car there. Adrienne, there isn't
one there. You're imagining things. Lydia's imagining things. I'm imagining things. We're all
just seeing things." she covered her eyes, then tapping Adam's shoulder, as he already
seemed tense at the commotion. "You might want to listen to Lydia and go a little bit faster,
by the way."

 Lucy finally looked up from her Faygo. "What's all this about?" she glanced around at
everyone else, then following their stares. "There's a cop car back there. Guys, we're being
chased by the cops." she covered her mouth, her eyes widened exponentially. "The cops
are chasing us. I'm going to be in so much trouble when I get home."

 Adam took a few seconds to glance back, noting what we were panicking about. "Your
parents are getting mad? Mine are!" he sped up. "This isn't good."

 At this point in time, it seemed appropriate to say something stupid and witty, but
considering the situation, I figured it wasn't the best moment to say it.

 Danica continued staring back contently, then turning to Maddie. "You think that maybe
those cops might be demons? Because with your salt, it it does what you said it would, that
would be extremely helpful."

 Maddie bit her lip. "There's no telling if they're demons, until I'm close enough to throw salt
at them and watch them burn." she glanced back at them. "But from the looks of it, I don't
think salt's getting us out of this."

 "Do you think we'll be able to get away from them?" I turned to Adam, looking at the
speedometer. "Know what? Forget I said that. Continue driving."

 Taylor shrugged. "You see those cop shows on TV? They either block you or crash into
your tail- or set up spikes on the road." she looked to Adam, I wasn't able to tell if she was
excited or freaking out. "Hey, Adam, we're only getting chased by cops in a stolen car with
a ton of teens who ran away from home, but don't worry about it, I don't think they'll press
charges. Just keep driving."

 Adam glanced back at the cop car, continuing to speed up. "Way to keep me the opposite of
stressed!" he sighed, pushing his glasses back up his nose. "The things I do for teenage
girls I've just met... by the way, even though I posted my old UPS ID on Tumblr and said it
was an old prision picture, I didn't really plan to get arrested anytime soon."

 Lydia rolled her eyes, whispering under her breath. "Still not funny..."

    Instead of bothering to argue with her, I figured that now wasn't the best time to argue
about how perfect Adam was with Lydia.

 I was shocked at how quickly Adam was bothering to go. I never thought I'd be speeding
in a stolen car with my best friends and Owl City. Let alone the cop chase part, I was already
awestuck at the situation. I'd never broken the law so many times in one week. Come to think
of it, I don't think I've ever broken the law before.

"Hey, Adam?" Lydia looked up from the window, glancing over at him briefly. "Why are we
slowing down? Just a few seconds ago, we were speeding up." pointing out the window, she
glimpsed over the railing of the bridge we were currently passing over. "I'm not complaining,
I mean, we're still going pretty fast, but we're losing speed pretty quickly."

 Looking out the window myself, as much as I hated to admit it, we were doing just that.

 Danica did the same, having a much more panicked reaction. "Guys, we're being chased by
the cops in a stolen car, and we're not going as fast as we should be."

 Adam glanced down at the dash, practically jumping out of his seat. "We're out of gas."

 Thinking about it now, we probably should've filled up the Impala after we got it at the
airport. Maybe if we'd done that, we'd be having a far more smooth time now, despite the fact
that we indeed were being chased by the cops.

 "We're so dead."

 That was the last three words I heard out of Lydia's mouth before we came to a complete
stop, the police officers jumping out from their car and walking over to the Impala. The first
over to us knocked on Adam's window, in which he willingly rolled down.

 "Hello officer. How are you today? Nice weather we're having in the great state of
Pennsylvania?" his voice was still raspy and unclear, so he sounded like a complete idiot
trying to dodge the questions he knew very well were coming up.

 The officer crossed his arms, putting his hand down on the window so Adam couldn't roll
it up. "Sir, we had calls from an Ohio McDonald's saying one of the female passengers in an
Impala by this liscense number committed physical conduct on one of the drive-thru workers
by throwing salt in their face, as well as a lack of payment." he glanced around the car at the
six teenage girls sitting in the other seats. "And sir, you also have two more passengers than
allowed in the state of Pennsylvania. May I see a valid liscence and ID?"

 Adam sighed, looking down. "I don't have my wallet on me, so I don't have either my
liscense or ID." he shrugged. "So sorry."

 I perked up, grabbing Lucy's iPod from her hands and going directly to his Tumblr. "Officer,
would a picture of his former UPS ID work as a valid ID? It states that he has his liscense, and
it's fairly easy to tell his face." I picked his glasses from his face, scrolling to the picture he'd
posted of his ID. I handed Lucy's iPod to him, who showed it to the officer in hopes it'd be
enough to get us out of this situation.

 "An old prision photo? Sir, I'm afraid that if you're not joking around, I can arrest you and
take the car, as well as the children."

 Adam shook his head no. "It's not really an old prison photo!" he laughed, whereas nobody
else did.

 The cop sighed. "I'm afraid my colleague and I are going to have to arrest you seven
nonetheless. Very sorry sir."

 Adam straightened. "Sir, wait. What if it wasn't me who threw the salt? Who committed the
crime?" I could swear a smug smile was growing on his face at this point, even if I couldn't
see it. He was going to ditch us, wasn't he? Leave us to rot in jail. So much for an idol.

 It could be forgiven.

 I suppose this is what happens when you kidnap a famous singer and make him buy you
lunch when you lack the money nessecary to pay for it and he doesn't have his wallet on him.

 The cop tilted his head, as if to crack his neck. "Then I suppose I can let you go. I'm going
to need to have a legal guardian or parent's number. If you aren't their parent, of course, I can
let you go. Fill up your tank as well."

 "The dirty-blond girl with the long hair did it. You can even check the cameras."

 Maddie looked at him. If looks could kill, he'd be dead seventy times over.

 He nodded. "That makes sense sir, considering it was a passenger." He glanced at Maddie
with a sympathyzing look. "Pay the crime, I guess. May I ask you get out of the car, ma'am?"

 She obliged, but not before the rest of us could get out as well. "I'm not letting her go
alone," Danica spoke quietly, slamming the car door behind her. "We're not."

 As we passed by the Impala, I glanced at Adam, who was mouthing something to the cop car
as he started the Impala back up. I wasn't able to make out the words he said as we rushed
past though- he didn't talk fast enough.

 By the time we'd been sitting in out jail cell for three hours, we'd all pretty much agreed that
we were going to die here, as well that we were all going to be in huge trouble as soon as we
saw our parents again- if we did. Though that, this entire time, I'd been thinking about how
Adam had mouthed something at us, what he could've said. I wasn't that great at reading
lips, and I was fairly sure that if I tried to figure out what he said, I'd be mistaken.

 It'd grown dark out, but nobody seemed concerned about the stars but Taylor, who'd told
us how if it was the only thing she had left, she'd cherish it as much as she could. So as she
sat at the cell window, Lucy, Maddie, Lydia, Danica, and I had been discussing frivolous
things that I doubted anyone really cared about at the moment.

 "I hope that they don't take my John hoodie," Lucy sighed, braiding my hair for the seventh
time this past hour. "I've seen them do it in cop movies before, and they put your clothes in
this box thing." she sniffled, pushing out her lips. "Do you think they'll let us out?"

 A voice rung out from behind me, making me jump up and ruin Lucy's braid. "Not unless you
can get bailed out. I'm going to need your names." I turned to the cop standing at the outside
of the cell, sighing.

 "You scared me..." I laughed lightly, trying to lighten the mood, but it obviously didn't work
out very well at all. Besides, we were in jail. It's not very easy to lighten the mood in jail. I
tried to decide if I wanted to tell them my real name or make one up. "Um... my name's-"

 "Her name's Rose Egbert!" Maddie stepped in, probably saving my butt. "And I'm Roxy
Lalonde. It's nice to meet you sir." I was amazed at how clever she was, incorporating a
fandom into our problems. She pointed to Taylor, smiling widely. "That's Jade Harley, and
the girl with the short brown hair is um..."

 "Jane Crocker!" Lydia shouted out, obviously having caught on with our way of naming
ourselves. "And the other girl with the short hair, with the blond-brown hair? Her name is
Tara. Tara Pyrope. She's happy to meet you too, even if we're teenagers sitting in jail."

 I pointed at Lucy awkwardly, smiling just as well as all the others. "And she's... Jackie
English." I'm sure my smile went from being realistic to extremely stupid. In an effort to
change the subject, I went ahead and decided to ask some questions. "May I inquire the time,

 He looked down at his watch, then back up at me. "11:30 pm, ma'am. It's getting late, so we're
leaving the station unattended until backup arrives." he nodded to us. "I assume you girls
won't make a wreck of your cell, will you? Take care of yourselves, and maybe get some rest."
He smiled in a manner whereas I figured he must've felt bad for us. "You'll get your call for
bails in the morning. Sleep well."

 Taylor glanced back from the window. "Will do, thanks." she sighed as the cop walked
down the hall and our of our sight. "I still can't believe Adam just sold us out like that. I didn't
think he'd be the kind of person to just tell for his own well being. I was hoping he wouldn't
let us go without him. He was my idol. It's not really-" she was cut off by a familiar voice
from the window- raspy, but familiar.

 "Miss me?"

 I turned to the window, falling on my backside as I covered my mouth in shock. It was Adam.
He was standing at the window, and I could hear a car running outside. Presumably the
Impala, which the police officers had been so kind to have filled the tank completely when he
turned Maddie in.

 Lydia scowled. "No, in fact, I didn't miss you." she hissed lightly at him, but as she turned
away, I could tell she was quite the opposite.

 Adam pushed his glasses up his nose. "It was a rhetorical question. But I'm not just going
to let you guys sit here in this cell. I'm getting you out of here." He glanced around,
apparently not having thought of how to get us out quite yet. "Know what, I think I'll stop a
second and think about this a while. I was kind of just thinking about saving you guys, I
didn't quite think of how I was going to get you out." He glanced around.

 Maddie looked up to him. "Hey, Adam. Did the police confiscate out luggage, or do you
still have it?"

 "I still have it sitting in the back. I don't think they thought much of your 'crime', so they
didn't bother taking your belongings." his eyes followed Maddie. "Why do you ask?"

 She grinned. "Adam, do you remember the bag of salt I had? The one that I used to get us
stuck here?" she nodded. "Grab me some salt, would you? I think I have an idea." Maddie
played with her fingers.

 Adam's face disappeared from the window and soon popped back up after the slamming of
a door. He tossed her salt bag between the bars of the window, Maddie catching it (rather
pro-like, may I comment). "What are you going to use it for?"

 Maddie shrugged. "Safe keeping. It sort of has the same power as pepper spray, in a way,
you know?"

 I sighed. "Adam, take Maddie's salt back." I took the bag back from her and went back to the
window, going to give it back to Adam.

 "Nonono!" Maddie hissed at me, grabbing the salt bag back. "I'm gonna do something on
the floor with it! As a sort of 'ahahaha, we got away, goodbye note' sort of thing. You know?
Now it you excuse me, I'm going to do that now." she turned back around and knelt on the
floor, pouring out her salt bag.

 "But now what? I still don't know how to get you out." Adam glanced around. "The backup
guy should get here any minute now. If they catch me trying to break you guys out, they'll
toss me in a cell too, and none of you are getting out." He glanced around. "I'll be right back.
I'm pulling the Impala out front. Give me a second, I'll be right back." Taking one last glimpse
at the sign on the wall behind us, in which listed which hall we were in (A9, by the way, in
case you were wondering.). And just like that, he vanished from the window again, the motor
of the Impala kicked up, and he drove off.

 Lydia leaned back against the wall. "Do you think he's really going to just come around the
front? What makes you think he's not going ahead and leaving us here?"

 I shrugged. "He came in the middle of the night to come and rescue us. How do you not
like or trust him yet?" sitting down on the floor next to Danica, I ran my hand through my hair
and waited. "He's coming for us. I know he is."

 Within the next ten minutes, I heard footsteps coming down the hall- they were rushed. No
telling if it was the backup cop or Adam, so I kept my quiet and waited to see.

 It was the backup. I sighed. Maybe he wasn't going to come. This wasn't how a film would
go. He'd have cut through the bars if it were and helped us climb out- it would've been nice.
But it seemed that this entire situation wasn't very movie-like either way, so this wasn't going
to really work out in that manner, I supposed. As I watched the backup turn the corner down
the hall, there were more footsteps- probably another backup, which I personally thought was
a bit too many cops for watching over six girls- who were all sitting in one cell.

  It appeared I was worried about nothing- it was Adam.

 "Sorry I took so long, the drawers of the desk down the hall were really cluttered- the keys
were hanging on the back of the chair the entire time." he sighed, unlocking the cell. "We'd
better hurry- the cop I followed should be turning around pretty soon, we don't need him
to catch-" he paused as we filed out. "Why is there a smiley face made of salt on the floor?"

 Maddie shrugged. "Sherlock."

 Adam tilted his head in understanding. "Seems legit. But honestly, we'd better hurry. Not
too loud though." his eyes wandered as Lydia and Maddie high-fived, complimenting each
other on how clever their references were. I applauded them- quietly, and subconciously,
of course- their references tonight were by far the best I'd heard in a while.

 Turning to look back as we ran down the hall, I met eyes with the backup cop, who'd
obviously caught us. I panicked as he rushed towards us, Adam at a standstill. He reached
for something in his coat pockets, smiling grandly.

 Just as the cop came close enough to be in arm's length, Adam revealed what he'd been
hiding in his pocket, tossing it at the cop's face.

 "DEMONS BEGONE!" he shouted, grasping our wrists and making a run for it.

 And this time, I didn't question it. I think this time, we were laughing too hard to notice.

 We piled into the already running Impala, speeding off. We sat there laughing a while,
rather carefree. Nobody was going to chase us this time. If we were going to get in trouble,
it certainly wasn't going to be for getting arrested.

 Maddie stopped laughing a moment to slap Adam's shoulder from the backseat. "Very good
my Young grasshopper!" she began giggling again, grasping her stomach. "I can't breathe!"

 Adam glanced back at Lydia, Lucy, Maddie, and Taylor, who were sitting in the backseat.
"You know, I never thought I'd break people out of jail without even knowing their names
yet. Mind telling me them?"

 I laughed lightly. "Well, we're certainly not named Rose Egbert, Jane Crocker, and Roxy
Lalonde." I shook my head.

 He nodded. "I know Homestuck references when I hear them. By the way, you look nothing
like Rose. But my question?" he continued driving calmly. "Your real names?"

 Taylor started off. "I'm Taylor," she went on pointing. "the girl with the short brown hair is
Lydia, the girl in the front seat is Adrienne, Maddie, Danica, and then the girl who can't seem
to keep bottles of blue stuff out of her mouth is Lucy. And you're Adam," she grinned,

 Adam smiled and nodded. "That's me."

 We arrived at our destination within the next twenty minutes, still laughing and not taking
anything seriously. I was excited for making my ship canon, like this entire thing had begun
being all about, but I was thinking differently about things- this had been fun, despite all
the law breaking and being arrested.

 I stopped laughing for long enough to catch my breath. "Alright guys, let's stop laughing
until we at least get into her house." I got out of the Impala, opening the back door for
Danica, Maddie, Lydia, Taylor, and Lucy, Adam getting out himself.

 After quite a bit of doorbell ringing from all of us, this including Adam, who Maddie had
continuously congratulated on his success on mastering the art of demon burning, one of
the blinds in the front window slid up, revealing the face of a teenage boy, about my age-
most likely one of her brothers, probably one we were familiar with.

 The door opened just a crack, the same face peeking out. "Can I help you?" at this point, I
was assuming it was Box- or Matt, I wasn't sure what to call him yet.

 I smiled awkwardly at him. "You can open the door you know. We just brought someone to
meet Katherine. We're not going to pose any harm. Besides, we came all the way from as far
as Arizona." I shrugged. "Long day. And besides, we were told there were sandwiches."

  I heard more footsteps and Matt was pushed out of the way. "Holy cow, it's you guys! It's
you-" he paused as he looked up to the tall guy standing in the background, pretending to
be more interested in cleaning his glasses than other events. "Holy cow, it's Owl City." It was
Katherine's youngest brother, Fox, or Justin, who seemed rather excited to have this crowd
standing on his doorstep.

 Adam shrugged. "It's me?"

 I looked at him softly. "Can we come in?"

 Within the next ten minutes, we were sitting in their kitchen, making sandwiches and having
easy-going conversations- it was amazing how far off the scale of awkward being arrested
with a group of people takes you.

 We all grew silent- that including Matt and Justin- when a door squeaked open down the
hall. If it was their parents, we were probably spending another night out on a porch.

 But no- it wasn't the parents- it was Katherine, hugging a pillow, seeming rather tired,
considering we'd woken her up at three o'clock in the morning, talking and dissolving their
salt and sandwich making supplies more by the second. Nobody seemed to notice the grains
scattered around the kitchen floor, we were all focused on Adam and Katherine- both who
hadn't noted each other's presence quite yet.

 She sighed, most likely not expecting to be woken so early. "You guys, I told you, I'm taking
a test, you're going to need to try to be a little more quiet-" she paused as she observed the
kitchen, noting all the people. "Well, if people say that two's a crowd-"

 Fox shrugged. "They all kind of just showed up at the door, and they said they were looking
for you, so Matt let them in." he smiled, pushing his glasses up his face to rub his bright blue
eyes. I continued sitting on their kitchen table, watching Lydia and Danica inhale sandwiches.
It was actually quite entertaining.

 "Looking for me? What do you mean? I didn't invite anyone over- and I thought I hid those
sandwiches from you. I'm saving them just in case if some people show up-" she squinted,
mimicking Fox's motion of rubbing. "Wait a second," she walked into the kitchen, taking a
closer look at our faces. "It's you guys-" she stepped back, covering her mouth. "You were

 I shrugged, looking to Maddie. "I say we grab her and Adam and lock them into a room.
Sounds good?" I glanced at Taylor, Danica, Lydia, and Lucy, who all seemed to be in
agreement. So I guess I just jumped off the table, we grabbed them, and locked them into any
room with an open door. I turned back to the others, nodding in approval. "I think we've got
this grabbing and running thing down, guys."

 Taylor ran towards the locked door, pressing her ear to it. "Do you think we'll be able to hear
them? I don't want to miss this." she crouched down and tried to look under the door. "I can't
see anything either."

  Matt's voice rung out from down the hall. "That's the point of a door- you're not supposed
to see past it."

 I stuck my tounge out in his direction. "This is of our doing, I kind of feel like we have the
right to see and hear what's happening." I pressed my ear to the door where Taylor had hers
before she'd leaned down. "I can't hear a thing."

 Danica looked around, trying to find a place where we might be able to use any of our five
senses to make any ideas of what was going on in there. She pointed up, to the vent system.
"We can climb through the vents, if you want to know that badly."

 Shaking my head no, I replied bluntly. "Not going to happen." I moved further downward to
see if I could hear better down near the crack at the bottom of the door. "Do you guys think
they're getting along?" I glanced around. "And besides, their parents don't know that seven
strangers just waltzed into their house with no problem, and that one of them just happens to
be locked into a room with their daughter. We don't need them finding out, especially at this

 "I think... I think things are going well in there!" Taylor looked up from her squatting
position on the floor, smiling grandly. "What's the worst that could happen anyway?"

 Danica tapped my shoulder and pointed at the next open door, which still had the lights and
fan turned on. The closest door to the right of the room Katherine and Adam were locked in,
I assume she meant to go in there to see if we could hear better there. Taking a glimpse inside,
it seemed like a simple pre-teen's bedroom- with a childishly adorable essence, but still with
the accents of a teenage boy, considering the color of the walls and paper airplanes sitting
on the dresser. The bed was in need of being made, and looked as if it were recently used,
like the covers had just been thrown off and the user had rushed down the hall- sort of like
how mine used to look on Christmas morning (at this point, I took about twenty minutes to
fully awaken- I'd lost my stamina.). I assumed it was Fox or Box's room, the decision made
because it was one of the two rooms with the lights still on, with the exception of the room I
knew well we'd locked the two in.

 I looked down the hall, gesturing to the room that Danica had pointed out. "Can we go in?"

 Matt looked to reject our request, but Fox seemed more than happy to allow us in the room,
cupping his hand over his brother's mouth and nodding enthusiastically. "Go ahead."

 Walking in, the first thing I noted was the window, the blinds pulled up. The Pennsylvania
night shone through it, immediately capturing Taylor's attention. So, as most of us rushed to
the wall seperating this room and the next, she went to the window, glancing down and
jumping up. "Guys- can anyone tell me if the two people running down there aren't Adam
and Katherine?" she pointed them out as we dropped what we were doing and leaned over
the desk sitting below the sill, most of us panicking.

 "Why, it's obviously not them. I mean, how many other people do we know that wear black
trench coats and shockingly red hoodies at three o'clock in the morning?" I facepalmmed.
"I can't believe they ran off like that! How did they get out?"

 Maddie opened the window, popping her head out and turning it to the left. "The window's
open. They must've hopped out from there."

 I kicked at the carpeting in the small bedroom. "You've got to be kidding me. The window, of
all things. I didn't think they'd do that." I turned to Lydia. "What do you think they're doing?"

 Taylor leaned out the window, squinting to look closer. "Not sitting in the room, obviously."

  I ran my hand into my face. "This isn't working as well as I'd planned." I climbed up onto the 
desk, looking outside the window as well. Leaning further out, I noted the red hoodie, still
running off into the night. "Where do you think they're going, for lack of a better way of
putting it."

 "I don't know, but they can't be gone forever." Maddie shrugged. "They don't have salt."

 We sat in the living room for about an hour and a half, conversing with Matt and Justin,
watching movies and random television shows, and when we got bored with those, we
sort of just sat there awkwardly, telling them how we'd gotten this far and giving short
summaries of our 'long day', which I assumed wasn't even the half of it.

 So when we were just about to have the longest silence we'd had in the past week, I was
relieved when I heard the front door open, topped with laughter over stupid jokes.

 Turning around to see Adam and Katherine, I was delighted when they didn't stop when
they noted our being there- either they were really good actors, or we'd achieved what we
had come for.

 Adam stopped laughing for long enough to offer us a bag he was carrying. "Sorry if we
worried you guys. We were just getting kind of bored in the room, so we kind of just went out
to get burgers." he tossed some change and a couple of dollar bills to Maddie, nodding
slightly. "And Maddie, here, have $7.97. Next time, don't throw salt in McDonald's drive thru
workers' faces. Spare yourself an arrest."

 Katherine smiled lightly, obviously pleased. "I couldn't believe their faces when we walked
through the drive through. It was hilarious." she high-fived him, Taylor's face lighting up
when their hands sat together for a second longer than it should've.

 Taylor leaned toward me, smiling. "I'm thinking this whole thing is going to work out."


 I watched Adam toss a packet of seeds over to Taylor, who tore it open and dumped the tiny
seeds into her hands. She laughed as she took her left hand's pointer finger to poke a small
hole into a pot of dirt- the only thing one we hadn't managed to break while carrying over to
his back porch from the table near the side of the yard.

 I turned around as I heard the back gate open, most likely Katherine, Danica, and Maddie
carrying more pots over to the table to be painted. The sound of another crashed to the
ground, followed by a bit of laughter.

 Danica's voice rung out from the direction of the gate, struck with fits of giggling. "You
dropped another one of them! Katherine!" she looked over at me as I sat at the at the table with
Lydia, a child's paintbrush in hand. "Adrienne, can you get the broom so we can brush the
stuff under the porch again?"

 I happily obliged, walking up to the radio before completing my travels across Adam and
Katherine's backyard- something they'd been meaning to fix up the past year they'd lived
there together (as Adam'd owned the house before they got together), but hadn't gotten to
until now. I glanced over at Lucy, Adam, and Taylor as they continued their swift working
strategy, asking what CD they wanted to listen to next.

 Taylor was the first to reply, dropping a few seeds into the pot. "OCTMS please!" she
laughed as she took a look around the yard, her eyes laying on Adam. "Can you believe it's
only been a year since that insane thing we did? It feels like it's been forever!" she nudged
him with her elbow as I switched the disc, pressing the play button as I picked up the broom
and rushed over to Danica, who was still laughing with Katherine and Maddie about the
fourth pot they'd dropped today.

 "That insane thing?" Adam snickered. "You kidnapped me, for crying out loud!" he wiped
his forehead, looking up into the beautiful blue Owatonna summer sky. There were lovely
white clouds hanging scattered around it, taking turns covering up the sun. "And you also
stole a car and committed physical assult on a McDonald's drive thru worker." he gestured to
Maddie. "If you ask me what I can't believe, it's that Maddie won't let me get rid of the Impala.
I'm gonna get in huge trouble about that thing one of these days!"

 Maddie rolled her eyes, waltzing over to Adam and sprinking salt into the pots. "I was doing
her a favor! It'd be terrible if demons happened to come up to her and killed her, don't you
think?" she went to put salt in some other pots just to have Adam smack her hand away.

 "This one only, thank you very much." he turned and took more pots from Danica, and then
Katherine, taking her hand and spinning her. It was one of the weird out of the blue things he
did with her, but I found it sort of cute. "Only the tomato can live with the salt, Maddie."

 I ran over and took the pots from him and placed them on the table Lydia and I were working
at, painting stupid designs on each one. At this point, the table was splattered with different
hues, and I wasn't sure if Adam was going to be all that happy about it. I did think he'd asked
us to put newspapers on the table before painting. My bad.

 The fifth track of the CD came on, which immediately sparked Danica's laughter again. "Have
I mentioned how much this song makes me think of that day? I don't think I've ever had a
day so long and packed before."

 I took some uneasy steps as Lydia and I carried two of our most recently painted pots over
to the table where Taylor and Adam were packing dirt and seeds, dancing up the porch steps,
careful not to step on any grains of salt that Maddie might've dropped. It hurts far more than
you think it might. Though it may have been smarter to wear shoes like every normal person
here (which was nobody, by the way), I'd demanded I go barefoot.

 Danica threw her hands around as she swayed around to the song with Katherine, a
coincidental cop chase song. The perfect fit for the situation we'd been involved with just
a year ago. They sang in the worst pitch possible together, joined in hands and just being
plain idiots in a way- I admired our friendship in that way.

 Adam laughed as he jumped down the porch steps, taking Danica's hand. "This is my wife-"
he smirked, "but I'm more than willing to share her if you're willing to do the same." He spun
them both, causing them to break into the same fit of giggles he was expreiencing.

 Danica curtsied, smiling grandly. "I most certainly wouldn't want to steal your dancing
partner from you, Mr. Young!" she looked to Katherine, who still had joined hands with her
husband- their smiles were adorable.

 And to think this was all our fault.

 I leaned down to observe Lydia's pot. "What did you paint on this one?" Danica soon ran
up to learn of what she'd put on this pot, followed by Adam and Katherine as well.

 Lydia smiled. "I'd like to present our matchmaking adventure- one that I know I certainly
didn't like very much at first- but I think that now we're all together and closer, I've thought

 Maddie grinned. "I can't believe none of your parents murdered you when you went home.
Mine got close to it."

 "I think all of ours did." I  gestured for Lydia to continue. "I can't believe they actually let me
come and see you guys so soon anyway."

 Lydia rolled her eyes. "Anyway, as I said before, I now happily oblige to present to you, the
story I clearly painted out on here- the longest day, I have ever experienced.

 And with that, she began retelling our story.
i'm so sorry if it shows up with a bunch of spaces between each line
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and it turned out all weird on tumblr so i'm sorry fhdskg

why hello there fanfiction how are you
Here's where I've been the past few days, art-wise xD I'm pretty proud. I like it a lot.

Hope you like it, I do omg
Taylor is ~turtumy, Lucy is =sherbi, Katherine is *RushGalaxy, Lydia is *p-i-c-k-l-e-s, Maddie is ~LillytalonEpicness, Danica is ~SilverLugia23, Box is *Boxline (or Matt orz), and Fox is ~Foxden1 and I'm, of course, Adrienne.

They all belong to me muahaha
And of course, like it says, Adam belongs to Ketchup.
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